Institute Projects
Mega Project 1  :   Mega Project 1: Conservation and utilization of germplasm of tuber crops for sustaining production
Institute Code :  HORTCTCRISIL 202000901465     Project Leader :  Dr. Asha K.I.
Mega Project 2:  Genetic improvement of tuber crops through conventional breeding and molecular approaches
Institute Code :  HORTCTCRISIL 202001001466     Project Leader :  Dr. C. Mohan
Sl.No Project Title PI
1 Project 1: Breeding to evolve trait specific varieties in cassava, yams and arrowroot for productivity, earliness, quality and resistance to biotic stresses Dr. M. N. Sheela
2 Project 2: Map based cloning of CMD resistant gene(s) & identification of markers associated with drought tolerance and high starch content in cassava Dr. C. Mohan
3 Project 3: Genetic analysis and QTL mapping for determining genetic basis of post-harvest physiological deterioration (PPD) tolerance and enhanced shelf life in cassava Dr. Visalakshi Chandra C.
4 Project 4: Genome analysis, identification and functional characterization of early bulking genes in cassava, abiotic stress and tuberization responsive genes in sweet potato Dr. Senthilkumar K.M.
5 Flagship Project 5: Genetic improvement of cassava through gene editing for modified starch Dr.Krishna Radhika N
6 Project 6: Molecular characterization of nutrient homeostasis in tubers for biofortification of cassava Dr. Sujatha T. P.
7 Project 7: Phenomics approaches for physiological trait based breeding for drought and PPD tolerance in cassava Dr.C. Mohan
9 Project 8: Breeding and evaluation for development of high yielding nutritionally enriched, photo-insensitive, processable and multipurpose sweet potato varieties Dr. Shirly Raichal Anil
9 Project 9: Harnessing the genetic potential of wild Ipomoea spp. through wide hybridization for improvement of sweet potato Dr. L.K. Bharathi
10 Project 10: Breeding for development of high starch, anthocyanin and β-carotene rich varieties in sweet potato and high yielding nutritional rich varieties in yam bean Dr. Kalidas Pati
11 Project 11: Genetic improvement for drought tolerance in sweet potato and high yielding, disease tolerant nutritionally rich lines in taro Dr. V.B.S. Chauhan
12 Project 12: Breeding for earliness, quality traits and salinity tolerance in sweet potato Dr. Hanume Gowda K.
13 Project 13: Genetic improvement of edible aroids for resistance to biotic stress and quality parameters Dr. Asha Devi A.
14 Project 14: Developing breeder seed standards and precocity of genetic vigour for tropical tuber crops Dr. P. Murugesan
15 Project 15: Inducing genetic variability, characterization, grouping and developing breeding lines with large tuber size and short duration in Chinese potato Dr. P. Murugesan