Flagship Projects
Project 9  :   Cassava mosaic disease- variability, diagnostics, vector relation and management
Institute Code :  HORTICARCTCRISIL201500901465   Project Leader :  Dr. T. Makeshkumar
Sl.No Activity Activity Leader
1 Prevalence and phylogeography of cassava mosaic disease and its diagnosis Dr. T. Makeshkumar

Molecular mechanism of cassava mosaic virus infection Dr. T. Makeshkumar

Management of cassava mosaic disease through resistant varieties Dr. M. N. Sheela


Integrated management of cassava mosaic disease Dr. M.L. Jeeva


Production of cassava mosaic virus free synthetic seed Dr. Vivek Hegde
Project 10:  Development of cassava starch based novel products and functional foods from other tuber crops
Institute Code :  HORTICARCTCRI SIL201501001466   Project Leader :  Dr. M. S. Sajeev
1 Development of native/modified starch based biodegradable films and thermoplastic starch for packaging applications Dr. M.S. Sajeev

Development of starch based functional biopolymers, eco-friendly composites and hydrogels for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications Dr. A.N. Jyothi

Probiotic enriched food products from EFY, Yam bean and yams Dr. R. C. Ray


Functional foods and nutritionally fortified snack food products, instant weaning food mixes for infants Ms. Namrata Ankush Giri