The ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (ICAR-CTCRI) provides consultancy services in the following areas .


  • Improvement of cassava production and productivity
  • Large scale field production of disease free planting materials of cassava.
  • Technology for off-season production of small corms in Amorphophallus


  • IPM of sweet potato weevil including sex pheromone and biocontrol agents as its components
  • Virus elimination through meristem tip culture
  • Identification of important plant parasitic nematodes
  • Identification of major pests and diseases and their management


  • Technology for the production of alcohol from thippi cassava starch factory waste.
  • Microbial technique for nutritional improvement of cassava and wastes
  • Small scale extraction process of starch from sweet potato and value addition
  • Modified starches
  • Microbial techniques to extract starchy flour with modified functional attributes from cassava.
  • Motorised tuber crops chipping machine.
  • Electrical dryer for cassava chips
  • Byproduct utilisation of cassava starch factory waste as broiler feed
  • Cassava starch/Sago factory effluent treatment system
  • Cassava ensiling technique


  • Tuber crops participatory technology development
  • Capacity building for tuber crops clienteles
  • Tuber crops technology transfer and programme implementation
  • Tuber crops programme monitoring and evaluation
  • Crop simulation modelling and agro advisory services
  • Yield gap analysis
  • Development of online facilities for various agricultural applications
  • Statistical and bioinformatics data analysis
  • Market studies