We happily welcome all our visitors. Anybody who want to see the activities of ICAR-CTCRI can come in at anytime between 9.00 AM and 5:30 PM. To help us serve you better kindly give us information about your programme and about the number of visitors well in advance.

Training/Visitor Fee


Dormitory accommodation @ Rs. 50/- per day

  1. Allotment of rooms in the Guest House shall be on first come first serve basis. However, preference will be given for ICAR/SAU officers coming on official visit.

  2. Generally, allotment of rooms shall not be made for marriage and personal functions.

  3. Allotment can be treated as cancelled/shifted in case it is required for departmental or VIP use.

  4. The room rent charges shall be applicable as per the status of the guest staying in the guest house and not as per the status of the officer who has booked the accommodation e.g. if an ICAR employee is booking an accommodation for a private person, charges will be as applicable to "Private Visitor; not 1CAR charges".

  5. Generally, not more than 30 beds will be booked for any Seminar/Conference at one time. Preference will be'given to those who are booking the ICAR Conference facilities.

  6. Maximum continuous stay in the Guest house would be for a period of 12 days subject to availability.

  7. To avoid inconvenience, request for allotment of accommodation should sent well in advance or at least two days in advance only on the prescribed application format through FAX (011-23381378). No verbal request will be entertained.

  8. Confirmation of accommodation can be enquired from the Caretaker, international Guest House, NASC on any working day between 10.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on telephone no. 011-25843145 after one working day from the time of sending the request.

  9. Liquor/smoking is strictly prohibited in the Guest House premises

  10. Pets are not allowed in the Guest House.

  11. In some Institute Guest Houses few rooms are always kept idle/vacant priority II nt which is causing loss of revenue and inconvenience to other guests. In view of this, no room should be kept vacant for priority allotment. In other words, all the rooms of Guest House should be allotted

  12. The charges of farmer's hostels/dormitories may be fixed at individual institute level as per their requirement. However, the rates may not exceed Rs. 50/- per bed per person per day

  13. The Guest House room rent charges are on existing pattern i.e. if a single bed (3' x 6') is arranged in one room, the charges should be on per room per person per day basis. If two or more beds are arranged in one room, the charges should be for single bed per person per day.

For more details contact

Whom to contact Address Contact details
Dr. B. S. Prakash Krishnan (Technical Officer) ICAR-CTCRI, Sreekariyam, Thiruvananthapuram, PIN 695017, KERALA Tel: +91 471 2598551-4,
Fax: +91 471 2590063
(+91) 9496816125
The Head of Division Extension and Social Sciences, ICAR-CTCRI, Sreekariyam, Thiruvananthapuram, PIN 695017, KERALA