Institute projects completed
1 Collection conservation evaluation and utilisation of oil palm germplasm
2 Dissemination of Technology & ICT Applications in Oil Palm Sector
3 Genetic enhancement of oil palm
Externally Funded projects completed
1 Acceleration of germination in oil palm hybrids seeds (AP Cess fund)
2 Re-establishment of cyclone affected oil palms in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh (AP Cess fund)
3 Utilisation of Thodupuzha germplasm for augmenting productivity of oil palm (DAC, GOI)
4 Strengthening of seed gardens for Indigenous seed production (DAC, GOI)
5 Seed Mega Project-Seed Production in Agriculture Crops and Fisheries (ICAR-Network project)
6 CRP-Agro Biodivesrsity (ICAR Network project)
7 International collaborative research project on oil palm germplasm exchange between India and Malaysia
8 Screening through genomic in situ hybridisation technique and seed desiccation tolerance of selected interspeicifc hybrids of oil palm in planta and in vito (DST)
9 UNDP Sub programme Breeding for seed production (Associate)