Professional Information
Technologies developed IC0597686 (DOPR G 22, Palm No.45;
Surinam origin; Dwarf Elaeisoleifera) for its slow vertical stem growth (15 cm per year), early fruit maturity (4.5 months) and high fruit set of 53.4% than other oleiferas traits
(Dwarf tenera between 26.3999D x 25.380P; vide NBPGR code no.E130756) for its slow vertical growth (25 cm per year and compact palm with tenera (thin shell) fruit form traits
(DOPRG-44- E-33) for its long bunch stalk (53 cm) trait
(EC382636) for its virescens fruits with sterile pisifera fruit types (shell less) traits
[(EC382627; DOPRG53 (61)] for its virescens fruit colour with dura fruit (thick shell) forms traits
(DOPRG23) for its compact characteristics and excellent bunch quality traits