Project 5:  Eco-friendly strategy for the management of insect pests in tuber crops
Institute Code :  HORT CTCRI SIL 2015 005 01461   Project Leader : Dr. C.A. Jayaprakas
Sl.No Activity Activity Leader
1 Identification of eco friendly chemicals for the management of major pests of tuber crops Dr. C. A.Jayaprakas

Integrated Pest Management of Borer pests of tropical tuber crops Dr. Rajasekhara Rao

Survey, collection and identification of plant parasitic nematodes associated with tuber crops in India Dr.H. Kesavkumar


Management of nematodes in tuber crops Ms. Sirisha Tadigiri


Molecular characterization of endosymbionts of insect pests with respect to tropical tuber crops Ms. B. G. Sangeetha
Project 6:  Development and refinement of integrated disease management and forecasting system for improved tuber crop production
Institute Code :  HORT CTCRI SIL 2015 006 01462   Project Leader :  Dr. M. L. Jeeva
1 Management of fungal diseases of aroids Dr. Veena S. S.

Management of greater yam anthracnose Dr. M. L. Jeeva

Characterisation, diagnosis and management of viruses of tuber crops Dr. T. Makeshkumar