Project 3: Integrated crop, water and nutrient management for improving productivity of tropical tuber crops
Institute Code :  HORTICARCTCRISIL201500301459   Project Leader :  Dr. G.Byju
Sl.No Activity Activity Leader
1 Production of disease free planting materials in tropical tuber crops Dr. James George

Induction of early sprouting in elephant foot yam Dr. R.Muthuraj

Cropping systems involving tuber crops and legumes Dr. G. Suja


Weed management in elephant foot yam Dr. M. Nedunchezhiyan


Management of drip irrigation and fertigation in greater yam +maize intercropping system Dr. M. Nedunchezhiyan


Precision approaches in tuber crops cultivation Dr. S. Sunitha


Water management in tropical tuber crops Dr. S. Sunitha


Long term fertilizer cum manurial experiment in cassava Dr. K. Susan John
9 Screening of nutrient efficient genotypes in cassava for low input management Dr. K. Susan John
10 Response of tropical tuber crops to secondary and micronutrients under integrated nutrient management (INM) practice Dr. K.Susan John
11 Fertilizer best management practices by SSNM for sustainable tuber crops production and soil health Dr. G.Byju
12 Effect of organic sources, secondary and micronutrients on soil quality, yield and proximate composition of elephant foot yam Dr. K.Laxminarayana
13 Assessment of micronutrients and heavy metal contaminants in tuber crops based cropping systems adjacent to mines and industrial areas of Odisha Dr. K.Laxminarayana
14 Hydro-physical properties on soil-water-nutrient use, root characteristics and cassava productivity Dr. V.Ramesh
Project 4: Studies on impact of climate change and devising mitigation strategies for sustaining productivity of tuber crops
Institute Code :   HORTICARCTCRISIL2015 004 01460   Project Leader :  Dr.V. Ravi
1 Studies on heat stress management in tropical tuber crops Dr. V. Ravi

Response of nutrients in sweet potato in natural saline soils under Island ecosystem. Dr.K.L. Laxminarayana

Climate smart agriculture practices for tropical tuber crops using remote sensing and GIS Dr. G. Byju


Response of tuber crops to elevated CO2 Dr. V.Ravi


Climate smart agriculture (CSA) practices for climate literacy to cassava farmers Dr. James George