Externally aided projects
Sl.No Project Title Principal Investigator
1 Assessment of soil fertility status and preperation of soil fertility maps for various Agro- Ecosystems of Odisha Dr. K. Laxminarayana
2 Development of standards of DUS testing for varietal gene bank in elephant foot yam and taro Dr. Archana Mukherjee
3 Establishment of varietal gene bank and development of standards of DUS testing inyam bean (Pachyrhizuserosus) and Greater Yam (Dioscoreaalata) Dr. Archana Mukherjee
4 Adapting clonally propagated crops to climatic and commercial changes Dr. Archana Mukherjee
5 Development of Tuber Crops- Kerala Dr. James George
6 Consortium Research Project on Agrobiodiversity Dr. M. N. Sheela
7 Enhancing the economic viability of coconut based cropping systems for land use planning in Kerala State Dr. K. Susan John
8 Network on Organic Farming in Horticulture Crops Dr. G. Suja
9 Network project on organic farming (NPOF) Dr. G. Suja
10 IISR outreach project on PhytoFuRa Dr. M. L. Jeeva
11 Participatory Technology Transfer of Cassava Based Biopesticides for the Management of Vegetable Pests Dr. C. A. Jayaprakas
12 ORP on Management of sucking pests of Horticultural crops Dr. C. A. Jayaprakas
13 CRP on Borers Dr. C. A. Jayaprakas (Co-PI)
14 Disease Diagnostics in Tropical Tuber Crops Dr. T. Makesh Kumar
15 Indo-Swiss Cassava Network Project Dr. T. Makesh Kumar
16 Refinement of starch indicator developed by CTCRI and design of next generation gadget for measuring starch content of cassava (ManihotesculentaCrantz) tubers Dr. J. T. Sheriff
17 Consultancy project on Integration of sweet potato production and processing in Belgaum Dr. J. T. Sheriff
18 Improving the livelihoods of smallholder cassava farmers through better access to growth markets (CassavaGmarkets) Dr. J. T. Sheriff
19 ICAR-EMR project on Establishment of mechanized cassava and sweet potato model farms Dr. J. T. Sheriff
20 High Value Compounds from Tuber Crops Dr. A. N. Jyothi
21 Development and evaluation of starch based functional polymers for controlled plant nutrient delivery Dr. A. N. Jyothi
22 Techno-incubation centre Dr. M. S. Sajeev
23 XIIth Plan IP & TM Scheme ‘National Agricultural Innovation Foundation (NAIF)’ Dr. P. Sethuraman Sivakumar