Professional Information
Area of specialization Plant Stress Physiology & Phytochemistry
Area of interest Abiotic stress tolerance, Post harvest Physiology & Phytochemistry
Number of institute projects completed 8
Number of externally funded projects completed 3
Number of externally funded projects being handled 3
Technologies developed 1.Single eye cutting of patchouli for rapid propagation Single eye cutting of patchouli is developed for rapid multiplication of patchouli to accelerate the propagation of patchouli with minimum utilization of patchouli mother shoots as the dried shoot apex are used to extraction of patchouli oil and this technique will be useful for inducing variability through mutation .
2. Preparation of aloin from aloe - Method for preparing "Aloin" patent granted on 23/11/2016 and patent Number is277501. Technology transferred to National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) for commercialization.
3. Associated in release of Vallabh-Medha - A new high yielding variety of Mandukaparni ( Centella asiatica). Vallabh-Medha out yield the common plant type by 5 times and also superior in terms of phytochemical constituents responsible for the medicinal properties.
4. Associated with the development and release of Vallabh Isabgol-1: A new high yielding variety of Isabgol.
5. Associated with the development and release of Vallabh Isabgol-2: A new high yielding variety of Isabgol.
6.Germplasm Registered - Developed and registered five elite germplasm lines viz., (i) DPO 14 (INGR11035) -an early maturing (85- 90 days) and high yielding mutant with high harvest index (>22%); (ii) DPO 296-4 (INGR 14010), a Golden yellow leaf colour mutant of isabgol; (iii) DGS 22 (INGR 13041) - A high fruit producing and high leaf yielding Gymnema sylvestre germplasm accession.
7. Technology for Surface coating of cassava roots with paraffin wax for shelf-life enhancement
8. Production technology of biochar from agricultural biomass and tuber crops residue for soil amelioration and activated charcoal production