Institute projects being handled as Co-PI
1 Conservation and utilization of germplasm of tuber crops for sustaining production
2 Genetic Improvement of Tuber Crops through Conventional Breeding and Molecular Approaches
Externally funded projects being handled as Co-PI
1 Cassava mosaic disease- variability, diagnostics, vector relation and management
Technologies/concepts developed
1 Sequenced the genome of three strains (PSWKBGH-1, PSWKBGH-2 and PSWKBGH-3) of karnal bunt fungus. The draft size of PSWKBGH-1, PSWKBGH-2 and PSWKBGH-3 were 37,460,344 bp, 37,216,861 bp and 43,736,665 bp, respectively. These genome sequences have been deposited at GenBank under the accession MAPW00000000 (PSWKBGH-1), MAPX00000000 (PSWKBGH-2) and MAPX00000000 (PSWKBGD-1- 3).