Professional Information
Area of specialization Agricultural Entomology
Area of interest Chemical Ecology, Plant Health Management, Biological Control
Number of institute projects completed 13
Number of Institute projects being handled 1
Number of externally funded projects completed 2
Number of externally funded projects being handled 2
Technologies developed
Identification of sweet potato weevil resistant germplasm i.e. Howrah, BX-86, SB IB 400/22, C-14
Technology for Prevention of Citrus Fruit Drop
Technology for IPM of Ginger Stem Borer
Technology for IPM of Citrus trunk borer using pheromone trap
Use of ITKs in Rice Gundhibug management in Meghalaya
Transfer of Tuber Crop Technologies to North Eastern Region
Use of female sex pheromone extract for monitoring the emergence of citrus trunk borer
Volatile Assisted Selection
Commercialization of sweet potato weevil sex pheromone with BCRL, Bangalore