Professional Information
Area of specialization Genetics and Cytogenetics
Area of interest Plant tissue culture & related techniques, Plant breeding, Horticulture & Extension
Number of institute projects completed 18
Number of Institute projects being handled 3
Number of externally funded projects completed 4
Number of externally funded projects being handled 4
Technologies developed Developed 6 sweet potato (ST 14, CIP SWA2, 420027, Gouri, ST 13 and SB 198/115) tolerant to salinity (6-8.0 dSm-1)
Release of 5 ST 14 – High beta carotene rich (14 mg/100g) salt tolerant variety. ST 13 – High anthocyanin rich (90 mg/100g) salt tolerant variety. ST 10 – High extractable starch (21%) with commercial importance. CIPSWA-2 & 440127 – beta carotene rich (6 mg/100g) high yielding
Developed and released 5 varieties of sweet potato (Kalinga, Goutam, Sourin, Kishan and Sree Kanaka)
Developed three lines of taro (Jhankri, Sonajuli and Duradim) tolerant to both biotic (blight) and abiotic stresses (drought and salinity) and a hybrid line TSL tolerant to drought
Developed and released 3 varieties of taro (Pani Saru-1, Pani Saru- 2 and Muktakeshi)
Developed, high yielding, short duration good cooking quality greater yam Da-25 and under release
Developed embryo rescue techniques and recovered desirable hybrids in sweet potato and taro
Developed in vitro propagation and storage techniques
Protocols developed for encapsulation- germination of micro propagules for artificial seeding in sweet potato and taro
Developed rapid in vitro screening techniques to isolate salt tolerant sweet potato, biotic and abiotic stress tolerant taro
Standardized isozyme and DNA markers to characterize stress tolerant sweet potato, taro. Methodologies developed to overcome recalcitrancy in elephant foot yam
Collected and maintaining 1245 genetic resources of different tuber crops in field
Maintaining released and pre-released genetic resources of tuber crops in vitro