Institute projects completed as Principal Investigator
1 Development of a centrifugal granulator for cassava based feed
2 Texture analysis of processed and value added products from cassava
3 Development of a hydrocyclone system for cassava starch milk concentration
4 Development of an improved industrial rasper for cassava starch industries
5 Process technology for the production of dehydrated quick cooking tubers
6 Development of biodegradable film from native and modified tuber starches
7 Development of functional pasta and spaghetti from yams and aroids based composite flours
8 Assessment of harvest and post harvest losses of major crops and commodities in India under All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Post Harvest Technology
9 Survey to identify the practices for ripening of mango, banana and papaya
Institute projects completed as Co-Investigator
1 Development of a pilot plant for manufacturing liquid adhesive from cassava starch
2 Development of an improved industrial rasper for cassava starch industries
3 Production of food extrudates from cassava flour/starch
4 Development of small equipment for papad and wafer making
5 Scaling up and transfer of technology of starch based products
6 Physical modification of tuber starches for food and industrial applications
7 Development of cassava and coconut based extrudates
8 Development of technology fo rnutritionally fortified pasta and designer food products from tuber crops
9 Development of health drinks and infant food mixes from tuber crops
Institute projects being handled
1 Development of Thermoplastic Cassava Starch Composites based Biodegradable Films and Foam type Packaging Products
2 Development of cassava starch based adhesive formulations for corrugating and paper industries
Externally Funded projects completed as Pricipal Investigator
1 Process Technology for the Production of Dehydrated Quick Cooking Cassava and Amorphophallus tubers
Externally Funded projects completed as Co-Investigator
1 Potentiality of tubers starches in tablets and capsules
2 Primary processing and value addition of sweet potato and yams for self employment generation by women
3 Bioprocessing of cassava and its cellulosic byproduct for the production of ethanol and butanol biofuels using novel ecofriendly enzyme systems
4 Synthesis, process optimisation and characterisation of super absorbent polymers from cassava starch
Externally Funded projects being handled
1 All India Coordinated Research Project on Post Harvest Technology
2 Development of low glycemic noodles from sweet potato and low calorie sago from cassava as antidiabetic foods