Professional Information
Area of specialization Agronomy
Area of interest Water management, Cropping systems, Organic recycling, Nutrient management
Number of institute projects completed 7
Number of institute projects being handled 4
Number of externally funded projects completed 4
Technologies developed The fertilizer requirement of oil palm during pre-bearing stage under replanted situations
Greater yam + maize intercropping system, application of NPK @ 120:90:120 kg/ha along with mulching (2 t/ha dried farm waste) recorded higher yield and net returns.
Quantified the potential biomass production and nutrient contribution from an oil palm plantation at the time of felling.
Evolved a suitable inter/mixed cropping model in mature oil palm.
Developed suitable agronomic management practices for minimizing run-off, soil and nutrient losses from oil palm plantations in sloppy areas.
Evolved half moon basin cutting and forming trenches in between palm lines as soil and water conservation measures for hill slopes.
Developed in situ composting of oil palm plantation wastes such as leaves and empty fruit bunches.
Mulching with empty fruit bunches was found to be advantageous for nutrient enrichment as well as soil and water conservation.
Integration of fodder grass in oil plantation offered scope for mixed farming systems for ecological and economic benefits.
Evolved a suitable technique of replanting oil palm at the time of felling for small scale plantations.
Developed a viable technology for utilization of palm oil mill effluent for large scale production of biogas.