Professional Information
Area of specialization Plant Stress Physiology & Phytochemistry
Area of interest Abiotic stress tolerance, Post harvest Physiology & Phytochemistry
Number of institute projects completed 5
Number of externally funded projects completed 3
Number of externally funded projects being handled 3
Technologies developed Single eye cutting of patchouli for rapid propagation Single eye cutting of patchouli is developed for rapid multiplication of patchouli to accelerate the propagation of patchouli with minimum utilization of patchouli mother shoots as the dried shoot apex are used to extraction of patchouli oil and this technique will be useful for inducing variability through mutation . Attempts were made for raising plants from single leaf by elsewhere to increase the multiplication ratio from single source of planting material. However, it was reported that the complete plantlet development took nearly 160-180 days from the leaves. It was found that the leaves produce fully developed plantlets in 60 days at our green house condition. Hence the suitability of leaf pairs for the propagation of patchouli and the time taken for complete plantlet development was examined