ARIS CELL has established with an area of 1400Sqft consisting of 17 state of the art workstations with centralized facilities for printing scanning etc. ARIS cell also houses a centralized server room and a power room supplemented with a 10KVA online UPS and supported with centralized generator facility.

ARIS Cell has established a full fledged Local Area Network connecting the various Divisions of CTCRI. The entire network is supported by state of the art equipments such as Routers, Firewalls, switches, and structured cabling and the network is powered by Windows 2008 operating system as its backbone and powerful machines as its nodes. The network consists of Windows 2008 server, Storage Server, Internet Proxy server, 178 computers, 18 Laser Printers, 16 Inkjet printers, 6 Scanners, DTP and multimedia workstations. Legal Licensed versions of popular software packages are installed for various types of applications.

Our ARIS Cell became one of the nodal point of National Knowledge Network of India (NKN) for effective sharing of scientific resources. A high speed 1Gbps fiber optic connectivity was established for internet communication and can be accessed through the Local Area Network. A 2mbps broadband connectivity from BSNL is also established to supplement/backup the internet bandwidth. CTCRI has setup a home page on the Internet. This can be accessed at which provides a comprehensive picture about the various activities of the Institute.