Institute projects completed
1 Standardization of ensiling techniques for cassava and sweet potato (as Principal Investigator)
2 Production technology for fried and baked food products from tuber crops (as Principal Investigator)
3 Development of health drinks and instant food mixes from tuber crops (as Principal Investigator)
4 Developing technology for Nutritionally fortified pasta and designer food products from tuber crops (as Pricipal Investigator)
Institute projects being handled
1 Studies on functional and specialty food products from tuber crops (as Principal Investigator)
Externally Funded projects completed
1 Anti- nutrient factors in sweet potato, yams and aroids: Isolation, Biological variations and processing technologies for removal of proteinase and amylases inhibitors (as PI)
2 Primary processing and value addition of sweet potato and yams of self employment generation by women (as PI)
3 Bio-processing of cassava and its cellulosic byproduct for the production of ethanol and butanol biofuels using novel eco-friendly enzyme systems (as PI).
4 Overcoming key constrains to Productivity and Utilization by Genetic improvement of under utilized and neglected crops in low income deficit countries (as Co- PI)
5 Integrated technologies for the value addition and Post Harvest management in Palms, Spices and Tropical tuber crops (as Co- PI)
Externally Funded projects being handled
1 Development of low glycaemic noodles from sweet potato and low calorie sago from cassava as antidiabetic foods (as PI)