Sree Visakham
  • Year of release: 1977(Central)
  • Pedigree: Hybrid [Acc.No.1501 x S-2312 (exotic)]
  • Yield: 35-38 t ha-1
  • Potential yield: 45 t ha-1
  • Maturity: 10 months
  • Suitable growing regions: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and North Eastern Region
  • Key traits:
    • Tall, erect branching and flowering variety with dark sepia coloured mature stem
    • Light brown emerging leaf
    • Mature leaf broad with dark green petiole
    • Tubers fusiform in shape and compact in arrangement with brown tuber skin
    • Cream tuber rind and light yellow tuber flesh
    • Tubers with 25-27% starch, 466 IU/100g carotene, 35-40 ppm cyanogen having good cooking quality
    • Field tolerant to Cercospora leaf spot