Sree Harsha
  • Year of release: 1996
  • Pedigree:Triploid from the cross[OP-4 (diploid) x H-2304 (tetraploid)]
  • Yield: 35-40 t ha-1
  • Potential yield: 60 t ha-1
  • Maturity: Early maturing, 10 months
  • Suitable growing regions: Industrial areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu
  • Key traits:
    • Tall, erect branching variety with stout stem and shy flowering nature with greyish mature stem
    • Light purple emerging leaf; mature leaves thick and broad with acuminate tip having light purple petiole
    • Tubers conical with light brown outer skin, cream rind and white tuber flesh
    • Tubers with 38- 41% starch, 40-55 ppm cyanogen having good cooking quality
    • Field tolerant to Cercospora leaf spot, spider mite and scale insect. Drought tolerant variety