Dr. James George obtained his B. Sc. Ag and M.Sc. Ag (Agronomy) from Allahabad Agricultural Institute Further, he obtained his Ph.D. in Agronomy from the Dept. of Agril & Food Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He has put in more than 26 years of research in tropical tuber crops after joining ICAR through ARS in the year 1985.

Major part of his research works were on tuber crop's agronomy, their soil and water relations. He developed agro techniques for cassava, yams, sweet potato and aroids. His most popular contribution has been "minisett techniques", for rapid multiplication of quality planting materials in tuber crops which earned him many laurels. Researched on utilisation of industrial wastes like fly ash and also developed integrated nutrient package for the production of cassava and their impact on organic build up in the soil. He was also associated in developing protocols for micro propagation in cassava.

Apart from these, he also contributed to the development and release of 2 varieties in yams- Sree Dhanya (dwarf yam) and Sree Karthika and 1 Colocasia variety (Sree Kiran).

He has about 90 scientific publications to his credit that includes Research Papers, Books, Technical bulletins, Popular articles etc. He is recipient of several Fellowships and Awards. He has undergone training programme on rapid planting material production in cassava in 2003 at CIAT, Cali, Colombia. He has participated in several National Conferences and Seminars for presenting papers, besides his participation in six International Conferences in six countries. He has recently joined as Project Coordinator of AICRP on Tuber Crops, prior to which he was working as Principal Scientist (Agronomy) at CTCRI, Trivandrum and now he is the Director In-charge.