Professional Information
Area of specialization Organic Chemistry
Area of interest Starch and Polymer Chemistry
Number of institute projects completed 3
Number of Institute projects being handled 1
Number of externally funded projects completed 1
Number of externally funded projects being handled 1
Technologies developed Production of maltooligosaccharides by enzymatic techniques.
Standradization of processes for the chemical modifications of starch for food and non food applications: cross-linking, acetylation, succinylation, esterification by citric acid, phosphorylation, pyrodextrinization, oxidization, hydroxypropylation, hydrophobic starches.
Standardization of processes for the physical modification of starch: heat-moisture treatment, annealing, steam-pressure treatment, microwave treatment, drum drying, extrusion.
Microwave technique and phase transfer catalysis for dry-phase starch modification reactions
Technology for the wet storage of cassava starch.
Chemical treatments to improve the whiteness of the cassava starch.
Graft copolymerization on to cassava starch: synthesis of starch-graft-copolymers using vinyl monomers and their structural and functional characterization, application in heavy metal ion removal and textile sizing.
Synthesis and characterization of starch based, environmental friendly superabsorbent polymers for utilization in agriculture for water conservation and also for incorporation in personal care products.
Starch based polymer composites, nanocomposites and biodegradable films for packaging and pharmaceutical applications
Optimization of synthesis of maltodextrins and maltose from starch and starch factory residues by enzyme and acid hydrolysis.
Synthesis of L-glutamic acid from starch and cassava starch factory residues using Brevibacterium divaricatum by submerged fermentation.
Extraction, characterization and stability studies of sweet potato leaf anthocyanins