Cassava porridge

Steps involved in the process are.  

Step 1: Washing and peeling of cassava roots.

Step 2: Parboiling by steeping in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Decanting .

Step 4: Sun drying the parboiled chips for 36 hours.

Step 5: Oven drying for 24 hours at 70 degree Celsius.

Step 6: Powdering in disintegrator and then sieving.

Step 7: Separating large sized fractions, medium sized fractions ( rava ) and small fractions (porridge powder).

Step 8: Large fraction again put into the disintegrator.

Step 9: Two tablespoon-full porridge powder could be added to hot milk after adding sugar for taste and served to infants and invalids as an energy drink.